Easter Island is over 2,000 miles from the nearest population center, (Tahiti and Chile), making it one of the most isolated places on Earth. A triangle of volcanic rock in the South Pacific - it is best known for the giant stone monoliths, known as Moai, that dot the coastline. The early settlers called the island "Te Pito O Te Henua" (Navel of The World). Admiral Roggeveen, who came upon the island on Easter Day in 1722, named it Easter Island. Today, the land, people and language are all referred to locally as Rapa Nui


Store Peru



11 days 10 nights

Prices per person in USD$ 9,554
based on double occupancy

Both prices included the flight tickets
Lima - Cusco
Cusco - Lima
Lima - Easter Island
Easter Island - Lima

- 3 nights at Marriot Hotel or Miraflores Park Hotel (Lima), 3 nights at Libertador Hotel or Monasterio Hotel (Cusco), 1 night at Santuary Lodge (Machu Picchu), 3 nights at Altiplanico Hotel (Eastern Island)
- Hiram Bingham, deluxe train: Cusco - Aguas Calientes / Aguas Calientes - Cusco


Itinerary Outline

  • Day 1: Arrival to Lima
  • Day 2: Lima City Tour and Gold Museum
  • Day 3: Arrival to Cusco & Cusco City Tour
  • Day 4: Tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas
  • Day 5: Machu Picchu Tour
  • Day 6: Machu Picchu Tour
  • Day 7: Cusco to Lima
  • Day 8: Lima to Easter island
  • Day 9: Easter island
  • Day 10: Easter island
  • Day 11: Easter island to Lima

* Departures every day



DAY 1 - Sunday - LIMA PICK UP
Transfer in a private transportation to the Deluxe hotel - overnight (no meals)

You will be picked up from a Deluxe hotel.

This tour start in the morning 9:30 am. You will be picked up from you hotel. This excursion offers the best combination of the different attractions in Lima and its three historical periods: pre-Hispanic, colonial and contemporary. In Lima, there were several different pre-Columbian cultures which are dated thousands of years back. Lima was part of the Inca Empire until was founded by the Spaniard Francisco Pizarro on the 18th. of January, 1535. During our guided tour we will travel along its millenary history.

ANCESTRAL LIMA At the Huaca Pucllana, an archaeological precint build in the IV century A.C., we will have a panoramic view of this magnificent ceremonial and administrative centre which was considered by the Incas a holy village. We will learn about the life and rituals of its ancient inhabitants and admire its typical piramidal building, very characteristic of sacred pre-Hispanic edifications which were adored in the coast of Peru.

COLONIAL LIMA The Peruvian Viceroyalty was the most important one in the Spanish Empire and Lima was its capital. The highlights of its historical centre are its architecture and the urban design of the city, found in the old streets filled with colonial houses adorned with Moorish-style balconies. Our trip includes the Paseo de la Republica (Promenade of the Republic), Plaza San Martin (San Martin Square) and the Plaza Mayor (Main Square), with their different buildings: Palacio de Gobierno (Government Palace), Palacio Arzobispal the (Archbishop's Palace), the Basilica Catedral (Cathedral Basilica) and the Palacio Municipal (Municipal Palace). We will enter the monumental Convento de San Francisco (Convent of Saint Francis), which displays the biggest collection of religious art in America. We can admire the Choir Room and the Monks’ Library, the Sacristy, with its collection of Zurbaran and Rivera paintings. The Big Patio of the Main Cloister, decorated with sevillan tyles from the XVI century, its beautiful moorish arches and its subterranean crypts known as The Catacombs, where you will feel the presence of Lima's colonial past.

CONTEMPORARY LIMA Visit to the most traditional residential areas in the capital: The Olive Grove of San Isidro, Miraflores and Larco Mar, distinctive tourist centre of contemporary Lima.


After Lunch, We will visit the Lima's Gold Museum, one the world's largest private collections. Displays a dazzling array of pre-Columbian gold, silver and copper works of art. Created by Peru's innovative metal-smiths, they range from civilizations of Paracas, Chavin, Nazca, Moche, Wari, Lambayeque and Chimu to Inca. The museum also houses a collection of antique fire arms from around the world. Overnight. Breakfast and Lunch included.

Miraflores Park Plaza - Lima

DAY 3 - Tuesday - LIMA / CUSCO
You will be picked up from your hotel and transfer to the airport for your flight to Cusco (airfare included) upon arrival reception and transfer to the Deluxe hotel, morning at leisure to acclimatize to the altitude. In the afternoon 2;00pm you will be taken on a Private City Tour and visit a local archeological sites, the Cathedral, Koricancha, Sacsayhuaman and surroundings returning later afternoon 5:30pm to your hotel around and enjoy the hospitality of the local people ( Breakfast included).

Hotel Monasterio - Cusco

After breakfast at 8:45am you will be start your private Inca Sacred Valley excursion where life has remained almost unchanged for 500 years. You will visit the impressive village of Pisac and the Indian market, enjoy the beautiful handicrafts on sale and wonder at the many ethnic tribal costumes worn, not just for tourists, but as part of their heritage by the local people. The tour also include the visit to Ollantaytambo fortress and the Chinchero Market Before returning to your hotel in Cusco late afternoon (around 6:30pm) (breakfast and Lunch included)

The Hiram Bingham Train

DAY 5 - Thursday - MACHU PICCHU 2days 1 night by train
We'll depart to the train station to our journey to Machupicchu on HIRAM BINGHAM Train (On-board meals with Peruvian wine, cusqueña Beer, soft drinks and hot drinks,brunch on outward journey, dinner on return, on-board entertainment)(4 hours) at 12.30 pm you will arrive to the Aguas Calientes Townfrom where you will have to take 20 minutes bus to the Archeological site; follow by some time at leisure, stay overnight and dinner at the SANCTUARY LODGE. (dinner included at SANCTUARY LODGE)

Sanctuary Lodge - Machu Picchu

Morning at leisure by your own, you can visit the ruins early next day when the full magnificence of the site reveals itself in all its majesty (entrance for this day not included on the rate) return to Cusco where you will arrive around 21.25pm. Transfer to the Deluxe Hotel (breakfast and lunch included)

Day 7 - Saturday - CUSCO TO LIMA
You will be picked up from your hotel and transfer to the airport for your flight to Lima, upon arrival reception and transfer to the Deluxe Hotel - afternoon free. (breakfast included)

Day 8 - Sunday - LIMA - EASTER ISLAND - (Departure only: Sundays)
01:15 am - Lima to Easter Island
05:50 am - Arrive tu Eastern Island

Reception at Mataveri Airport and transfer to Hotel and then make a half day excursion.
We initiate the tour about 3 pm from Hanga Roa's settlement visiting Ahu Vinapu. It was used for the islanders in the year 1.200 A.C. it includes 3 Ahu. The first has 6 moais demolished and painted of red color. The second one has a supposedly feminine moai which had two heads. Finally, the third and the most ancient moai has only removed stones. We will continue our way to the quarry Puna Pau, archaeological site to the east of Hanga Roa. It is a small crater of red dross, from where were obtained the Pukao or hats with which were crowned the moais. Along its antique exit way, there are some incomplete and abandoned moais. We will go on our tour towards Ahu Akivi, the first Ahu restored by the science in the island in the year 1960. The platform with 7 moais is characterized for being one of the few ones located in the center of the island, with its statues facing the rising sun. According the legend, these 7 moais would represent 7 exploratory young men sent before Hotu Matua'a's arrival to investigate the island. Our adventure takes to us to the cavern of Te Pahu, a place used as housing and as temporary refuge in war times. Then, we will return to Hanga Roa, total duration 3,5 hours

Day 9 - Monday - EASTER ISLAND
Half day excursion to Rano Kao volcano, with an important archaological value, because it has more than 300 monuments in the “Moai Road”. It´s 100 meters of altitude feature a 50 meters deep interior lagoon. Then we copntinue to the ceremonial village of Orongo. Orongo was a religious town, where people celebrated the transition from winter to summer time. Orongo means “messenger place”, and it received that name because of the migratory birds that arrived there every year. We finish the excursion visiting the Vinapu temple, temple ceremonial where we can see the architecture used by the ancient Rapa Nui culture, where they worshiped the ancestors of the islanders families. Return to the hotel and lodginig.

Day 10 - Tuesday - EASTER ISLAND
Breakfast in the hotel. Full day tour to Rano Raraku volcano, where you can see the Moais, famous giant human figures made of stone. Visit to the northern coast temples of Akahanga, Tongariki, Te Pito Kura, Ahu Nau Nau. Time to enjoy and relax in the beautiful beach of Anakena. Return to the Hotel. Lodging.

Easter Island, Rapa Nui

Day 11 - Wednesday - EASTER ISLAND - LIMA
Breakfast in the hotel.
16.25 pm - Easter Island to Lima
10.15 pm - Arrive to Lima
Transfer to the airport for your flight to Lima and typical farewell. End of our services.

nights in a Deluxe hotel based on double occupancy:
Lima: Miraflores Park Hotel
Cusco: Hotel Monasterio
Machu Picchu: Sanctuary Lodge
Private transfers, professional bilingual guide service, entrance fee, and meals as specify in the program.
include the flight tickets: Lima - Cusco – Lima

International airfares, airport departure taxes or visa fees, excess baggage charges, extra expenses for flight cancellations, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages or bottled water, snacks, insurance of any kind, laundry, phone calls, reconfirmation of international flights and items of personal nature.


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While Peru inevitably evokes images of Machu Picchu and the Inca empire, the country is also riddled with archaeological sites which are a legacy of even more ancient times, when great civilizations bequeathed a legacy of their art, customs and rituals, their wisdom and skills.

The Inca empire was a recent arrival during the process of cultural development in the Andes during the pre-Hispanic era, and the history of the Incas barely accounts for a century within the 20,000 years of human occupation of Peruvian territory.

Much earlier than the Incas and while civilizations like the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Indian, and Chinese (3000 and 2000 B.C.) flourished, the city of Caral, located north of the city of Lima-Peru, was built; this was the first American expression of a Pre-Ceramic urban settlement with monumental architecture in an area greater than 10 hectares. Later, in the northern highlands, the Chavin (800 – 200 B.C.) achieved significant advances in architecture, engineering, and agriculture.

The Chavín civilization (1500-400 BC) achieved considerable prowess in architecture, engineering and agriculture in the northern highlands. Along the north coast, the Moche civilization (200 BC-700 AD) is famous for its realistic pottery (portraits carved into pots and gourds) and its pyramid-shaped temples. The same area was later controlled by the Chimú kingdom (900-1450 AD), who built Chan Chan, an immense mud-brick citadel featuring 12-meter-high walls and superb architectural work.

To the south, the Nazca people (200 BC-900 AD) etched an impressive series of figures etched into the desert floor known as the Nazca Lines, while graves belonging to the Paracas culture (800 BC-600 AD) have unearthed superb weavings which point to the magical and religious vision that governed the lives of this ancient civilization.

Centuries later, the Incas (1300-1500 AD) were to make Cusco the center of their empire, building major constructions such as Sacsayhuaman, Pisac and Koricancha. It is here that myth and history merge, where the Inca roads, the towns, people and traditions are a living example of the Andean spirit, sacred and monumental.

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